Tuesday, September 27, 2005


1. The sound of my parent’s laughter, more so, when it’s me making them laugh.
2. My husband’s laughter, again, more so when it is I who makes him laugh.
3. The sound of my home phone ringing to see it’s a good friend calling to chit chat, invite me over or inviting themselves over.
4. My nieces telling me they love me, mucho mucho.
5. My nephews reaching for me to pick them up.
6. The way my husband looks at me when I beautify myself to go out.
7. My parent’s eyes when they look at me.
8. My parent’s eyes when they look at their grandchildren.
9. Knowing that there’s nothing I can’t accomplish with a little love and tenderness from my husband, family and friends.


Coco said...

el tiempo que pasamos con nuestros seres queridos- valioso! : )

un abrazo!

Moni said...

Making new friends that just "get you"......priceless :)

Yamell said...

Amen to that Moni!

Habibi said...

You are right indeed.