Wednesday, August 06, 2014


I got teary eyed this morning thinking of all my blessings.  A wonderful husband whom I adore, kids whose inner beauty shines bright, parents who are the best grandparents to my children and who have had my back for 40 years, friends who I’ve had 35+ years (damn, maybe I should keep that number under wraps),  a beautiful family who watches my kids so that we can provide.  Sure, there are small hiccups and big boulders in the road but they’ve all led me here. I’ll be under construction the rest of my life. As long as I’m able to love, I’ll always be blessed

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yesterday was Alfonso’s very first time ever in a library. I loved sharing that experience with him. I remember as kids my parents would often take us to the library to pick out books. I loved to read. It would take me to another world.

Typing this makes me realize what a great thing my parents did. Both of my parents came to America with only an early elementary school education. I don’t think either of them made it to 5th grade. Just had one of those moments of reflection. Wow. My parents are wonderful.

I think the last time I was there was with Punki when we worked on our report about Mexico? In 8th grade? I don’t even remember. I do remember though that after we went to Taco Bell. My first time. She introduced me to the combo burrito. Okay, sorry, I got side tracked.

I think we’ll be visiting more often. Take the babies. Let them smell books. Because who knows how much longer they’ll be available. The smell of books is an experience to be had. I think I may take trips alone. The silence was beautiful. I can write. I can read. I can nap. I mean, I can concentrate.

I’m glad I got to experience another first with Alfonso. And that although it wasn’t Diego’s first visit, that I got to see his eyes light up and the excitement in his voice as he walked through picking out his music and his movies and his books.

Monday, August 05, 2013


My older brother and I used to write letters to each other when he left for college. One of his  letters in particular stuck with me. It was about where he lived and how different it was from Las Vegas in that people could be themselves without being judged or made fun of. Mind you, this was years ago before people believed that making fun of others just because they weren’t mainstream was cool.

I have a hard time with this. A harder time with the taking pictures of people we don’t think fit our description of normal and posting them on social media. I think it’s mean. That’s someone’s brother, father, son, sister, mother, daughter. Why can’t we look past the outside and just keep on moving? Who’s to say  you’re “normal”? Or someone behind you isn’t taking a picture of you or laughing at you because you don’t fit their definition of “normal”? How would you feel? I doubt you’d find it hilarious. Our kids are watching and they’re mirroring our actions. That in itself is enough for me to reflect on my own issues. And not on someone else’s issues or lack thereof. Because honestly, if they have the courage to do what they’re doing, wearing, etc. We should really go hug them and ask them how they got to that place. We want to be so lucky to have that level of self-confidence.

Monday, June 03, 2013


When I was younger I hung out with mostly guys. They were easier. There was honesty. There wasn’t the passive aggressiveness or tit for tat that usually comes with being friends with the same gender. Punishing each other with petty stuff. One of my closest friends who unfortunately left us early was truly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. There probably isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. I didn’t get to say goodbye but maybe that’s what was best.

We communicated through sarcasm and that’s probably why we got along so well. But when it really came down to it, he would always have my back. He would defend me when I needed it. Kick my butt into gear when it was required. I remember him calling me upset one day because a guy that I was talking to had said something derogatory about me. His feelings were so hurt for me. He kicked him out of the car. There was also a day where I was crying about dudes and why they’re so lame. He said “Yamell, look at you. You really think it’s you? You are beautiful, you’re funny as hell, you dress nice, you’re the whole package. Eff them (only he said the word). There’s a problem with them.” One of the best pep talks I’ve ever had. Because I knew he meant it. And that it came from a good place. He trusted me with his life. With his kids and with his heart. He told me things that he didn’t just tell anyone. And there was a mutual respect. All the time. He took care of me and I took care of him. I wish all friendships could be that seamless. Effortless. I miss him.

Friday, May 31, 2013

All of my tabs are on overdrive

So many things. All of my tabs are open and on overdrive.  


When I was younger my arms were smaller. I thought they were fat and I’d never wear sleeveless shirts. I’m older and they’re fatter and now I wear sleeveless shirts. Stop it. Don’t look.


When I was pregnant with the L’s someone posted a picture of little babies dressed up as la Chilindrina and el Chavo on Facebook. 

Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Left me wanting to dress them like this since.  L’s will be 1 in 2 short months. I was going to do a Loteria theme birthday. I’ve been wanting to do a Loteria theme something for so long. Also a Dia de los Muertos something. Just hasn’t come to fruition. So then randomly during a bedtime feeding I decide to google “chilindrina costume”. And what pops up… HOLY MOTHER OF MARIA JOSE Y JUAN!


So then of course I start to search for Chavo. Nothing. I go to Etsy and the angels rose and the sun shined through.

Their theme is now Chavo and Chilindrina. Hot dam I’m excited! But they’ll be the same for Halloween.

I thought maybe we could make Diego, Kiko. He wants to be Superman.

Next year.. Diego & Frida.


When Diego was in preschool, his provider was into essential oils. I bought some. I still have them. I hear about them ALL over the place now. I just bought some more. I need help with babies sleeping. And colds. This dam cold has been in my house for the past year. I’m so over it! If it’s not a cold it’s a stomach virus. There’s always something. Anyway, I hope the oils help us. Lavender seems to be a staple in a lot of households.

New member:

We have a new member in our family. More to come.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Queridísima familia y amistades, espero que hayan visto el video donde por menos de un segundo pasaron la historia de Ruby.  Escribí la historia en inglés y un día la tendremos en español y la compartiremos con mucho gusto con ustedes. El tema de muerte fetal es un tema que claramente a nosotros nos llega al corazón.  La película de Return to Zero es la primera película basada en este tema que nos toca a muchos. Con esta película se espera romper el silencio. Va a comprobar que hombres y mujeres como yo podemos hablar de este tema libremente. Comprobara que nuestros bebes existieron.  Y abrirá los ojos a la sociedad. No les pido mucho pero si pido por favor que abran el link abajo. Que se comprometan a ver la película. No cuesta nada más que unos segundos de su tiempo. No los voy a buscar ni voy a ir al cine a asegurarme que si vieron la película pero lo que queremos es que los de la industria de Hollywood miren que si ay audiencia para esta película.  Necesitamos 150,000 compromisos para el 20 de Junio.

Donde pide el líder local por favor pongan mi nombre – Yamell Galarza. No ocupan vivir en Las Vegas o en los estados unidos para llenar la forma. 

Muchas gracias antemano por ayudarnos a romper el silencio.  Cualquier pregunta aquí estamos.


Update - Pledge

As of yesterday we were at 30,000 pledges.  We need to be at 150,000 by June 20th.  If you  haven't made the pledge, please do so.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Times change

Imma get all deep. Again. When I was younger, say, oh, my early to late twenties. Most of my friends and family were having kids and/or getting married. Not necessarily in that order. I had time. And lots of it. I dedicated most of it to them and their kids/families. For years.

 I then got married and started my own family. And that left me with little time because now I have my family and all that comes with it. What sucks about that is that the people I spent all that time with can't spend that time with me because they still have their families and they still have all that comes with it. And more.

 But now some are single and have weekends free and I'm still married and getting a sitter isn't as easy as it was with a smaller family. My point is, be patient. Be understanding. If I can't come to you like I did for years and I ask you to come to me, please don't take it as me being a bad friend. Please take it as, you helping me out. And providing me with company and friendship. It's not forever. But right now it's what works. Your friendship keeps me sane. It's just not as easy as when I could grab my keys and run out the door whenever I felt like it. I mean, I most certainly could but I may come home to my clothes on the lawn. I'm sure very nicely folded.