Friday, September 16, 2005

TGIF Internet

I purchased this bench. I like it. It matches our living room furniture.

I have no plans this weekend for once. YEAHHHH!!! I’m glad because I’d like to relax and let time go by slow. Of course I can’t skip the dreaded cleaning but hey I like being a bum in a clean house.

We finally get to pick up our microwave tonight. I’m so excited, although I haven’t missed not having one.

I posted this before but went back and did it again and laughed just as hard.

I’m sure I’ll post again in about oh 5 minutes but in case I don’t, have a nice weekend internet!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yummy. I got up this morning and was thinking of you so I decided to check out your blog. As for the housewarming I don't know how to say in Spanish without sounding literal which is probably incorrect. I know you want to celebrate your new home with your family and friends but I still think you should register. It makes it easier for people who want to buy you gifts. If people do not or can't then they don't have to. If they are close to you then they will know that. Just my opinion. I love the bench!!


Moni said...

Hope youre having an relaxing and fun weekend! :)