Friday, October 14, 2005


I haven’t really felt like posting so much lately. From the looks of the other blogs I read, neither has anyone else. We’ve all been posting few and far between.

I have a lot to say, I just don’t want to bore you.

So about the partay. It was f*cking windy man. The chairs even started to fall over, yep that’s how windy it was. Dirt started hiding in my teeth, so I had to eat it. MMM crunchy. Okay, I almost vomited. At least I got my daily iron allowance. Our first guests showed up at 5:00 pm. The party started at 6:00 pm. Praise the Lord that we were ready by then. It was a friend from work “H” and my new friend “P”. H wanted to get there early to spend time with us before everyone got there. She brought a bottle of my poison, PATRON Silver and some Tecates. So we each had a shot and started the libations. I only had 1 of each, I’m not normally a beer drinker but it sounded really good. So after I drank that, I was a little tipsy. So was everyone in the club. I like that song. Now everybody in the club gettin tipsy. So 6 o’clock came and no one had shown up except for the two I already mentioned. Mind you, no one RSVP’d because no one pays attention to that EVER. Add that to the list of pet peeves. I should have not fed anyone. My friend H asked me if the people I know are punctual. I said “Um, let me tell you a little something about Mezcans, we ain’t punctual”. Well I am and always have been, but most of the folks we know, they own a watch but it doesn’t have a battery. They think it’s solar powered. My friend Nancy used to be punctual but then love happened. It stole her watch. So people started showing up at 6:30ish. It was nice and breezy out, the birds were chirping. Then folks started showing up and brought the damn wind with them. Normally it’s the wind dragging sh** in. Not in this case.

Two of my good friends from back in the day came. One just like he came he left. He didn’t even say goodbye. He just up and disappeared. FEO!

My friend Torry came with her husband Brian and her baby Jimmy. Torry and I have been friends since el kinder as us folks down yonder like to call it. Gaby has been my friend since el kinder too. I see her more frequently than I see Torry though. Torry’s baby is going to be 1 year old and I just now got to meet him. That’s how often we see each other. She even lived around the corner from my mom’s house (where I lived until 1 year ago) and I never got to see her. I hope to see her more often though. We were always close. Its good that we keep in touch though. More stories about Torry to follow at a later date.

The best realtor in the whole world David came, along with his wife Jenny and their cute ass kids that broke a branch off my tree. I’ll get you my pretties!!

The best loan dude (sorry don’t know your title) in the whole world Andrew came with his novia Evelyn. Dang you guys are cute! They even sent me a thank you card for inviting them. How’s that? We’re supposed to thank you for coming and bringing me some drinky.

We got some goodies! SPANK YA’LL.

So we partied on til the break of dawn. I don’t really know what time the last guests left but I think it was 2ish because I went to bed at 3 or so. It was such a long day. My house was TO’ UP. I really should have taken before and after pictures.

This week has been rough. I haven’t been able to walk on my treadmill this week due to laziness. I have been walking 4 days for the past month.
I am going to walk tonight and tomorrow though. 2 days is better than no days.

My suegros (MIL & FIL) are coming in tomorrow all the way from Juchipila, Zacatecas, Mexico. Holla! My family is not from there but holla to my honey’s paizas. Wish me luck, because Lord knows I need it. Give me the strength to become talkative and outgoing. You would think from this long ass Post that I’m talkative but not when I feel intimidated I’m not.

Soooooo that’s it dude.

Tip of the day: If you are expecting a lot of calls on your cell phone while you are at work, keep it next to you, not in your purse that’s in the cabinet. Your phone keeps ringing and ringing and by the time you get to it it’s on my nerves, distracting me from getting this post done.


Coco said...

Suerte con los "suegros".

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

Yamell said...

Thanks Coco. They came yesterday for some menudo we made. My suegro is so nice to me. I have to work on my MIL. I have to work on my con-cuña too. She's a little on the celosa side when it comes to them. She follows them around everywhere. Lambiscona! It went well though!

Bev said...

All this birthday biz threw me off reading other's blogs...

Anyway, I also hate when people don't RSVP. That's why I didn't bother to put it on my e-vite, although some people were kind enough to let me know a yes/no answer. Geez.