Friday, December 02, 2005

Here I come to save the day...

Well hullooo! Here I am. I’m hoping you didn’t file a Missing Persons Report. Okay so let’s get moving man, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Here are the haps:

The Monday before Thanksgiving we called my in-laws to invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner. Short notice? Yes. I don’t normally wait that long to invite folks because that’s not me. I don’t like getting last minute invites, don’t like to do it. Do unto others type of thing. I left it up to sweet lil Poncho and that’s why it was last minute. So here goes the convo between Ponch and his sister in law. Of course it was in Spanish but I’ve translated to English for your reading pleasure.

P: Come over on Thursday for dinner?
SIL: uffff I already bought stuff
P: I called you first.
SIL: uffff where is it?
P: Our house.
SIL: uffff who’s coming? Is it just us?
P: The family.
SIL: Are your in-law’s?
SIL: uggg okay.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving: Started cooking desserts. Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle and a Pumpkin Roll. It was my first time ever making a roll. It turned out great. Wish I would have taken a picture of the spread but my dang camera wouldn’t work. I started the stuffing (toasted bread) and I did 6 loads of laundry. Washed dishes 600 times. I rocked!

Thanksgiving day: There was DRAMA! Oh the horror! Got up kind of early started cooking and getting things cleaned up. Noonish comes around and Brrrringggg, Brrrrringggg. Who is it? It’s the plumber, I came to fix the sink. Do you remember that from Sesame Street? Back to the story.

P: Bueno
BIL: (this time it’s his brother) We’re not coming tonight. Dad doesn’t feel good (because of the fall) and we’re not leaving him here by himself. (mind you, 2 days before him and his family went to a bday party and left them there all by themselves). Plus A had already bought all this stuff. Why don’t you guys come over?
P: We’re not coming. We’ve already started making our dinner. It’s too late.
BIL: Don’t be upset. I just don’t want to leave him here. Come over after?
P: (our dinner was at 6 and 12 people were coming, it was going to be 16 with them) We can’t go after, we’ll have company.
BIL: Don’t be upset.
P: Let me talk to dad.
FIL: Don’t be upset. I just don’t want to be getting up and down. I’m uncomfortable and it’s embarrassing.
P: Okay. Have a good night.

His SIL is a manipulative effing beyotch. Yes, that’s really how I feel. Seriously. My MIL told P about how they’ve been wanting a new dryer. They don’t have one nor have they ever. They hang their clothes on the line. So she’s been wanting a dryer and her man tells her no because they don’t have money for that right now. So one day my BIL comes out and says to MIL & FIL “get dressed I’m taking you clothes shopping” A (his wife) immediately gets the look of a rabid beast on her face and calls him to the bedroom. They don’t go clothes shopping and the next day bitch gets a dryer. My feelings don’t get anymore real than that. She got her way. They always do. She’s such a kiss a**. That’s their favorite. She says so anyway. It’s their way or no way. So happy effing thankseffinggiving to Alfonso. All of my family and none of his. Once again. Mothereffers. Yes, that’s really how I feel. Why do you keep asking me? I love his mom and dad but this brother has got some issues. She can be their favorite. If they want someone who’s false and chooses herself over them, have at her. I know who I am. False, I am not. I’m lovely, like a sweet apple pie.

So we continued to cook. We made fried green bean bundles, stuffing, mashed potatoes and two turkeys. I cried. We have each other. Vatos locos forever.

Man my feet hurt like a mother at the end of the cooking day. I set up the tables and centerpieces, showered and waited for our guests to arrive. We had a great dinner. Nancy and Dusty even graced us with their presence. What? No that was a good thing silly.

Friday: I sat around all the live long day. My feet hurt, remember? Alfonso ran errands. Took his dad to the Dr. because his brother is way too busy. Busy busy busy. Useless.

Saturday: We went to see Chicken Little. So cute. We took my cute little nieces. They loved it.
We were supposed to go out with Dusty, Nancy and her future in-laws but something creeped up on me. It was the cha cha cha bug. Stomach flu. I chose to take Monday off just as an extra day, thinking I’d be maxin’ relaxing. Yeah uh no. I was sick Saturday – Monday. All days I planned to use at my leisure for whatever my pretty little heart desired. WTF?

Sunday: Laid on the couch. I was sick, remember?

Monday: Did the same. Towards the end of the night, though I got up and cleaned up. Oh yeah and I showered too. Suegro had surgery that day. Couldn’t go see him because didn’t want to grace him with the cha cha cha’s.

Since then, I haven’t been up to too much. I’m having dinner tonight with Dusty and Nancy. That ought to be a good time.

Suegro had surgery on his leg due to the injury caused by the fall. Broken bones. He’s better.

My mamasita is coming home this weekend!! WAHOOOOOOOO! Sorry, did that hurt your ears? Well she’s leaving the ranch today so hopefully she’ll be home this weekend. She may visit folks in El Paso. I’m hoping not because I miss her short ass.

Been watching my girl O but she’s disappointing me this season. I don’t like how there’s a noticeable difference in how she treats everyone differently. I’ll go into detail in a different post.

Tada! That’s it. I think there’s more but I’ll just use a different post.


Coco said...

Glad that you are feeling better : )

The "In-Laws"- I believe it!
I rarely see my "f-in law" (lives in Palm Springs), present "m- in law" is somewhat of a "B"- los veo una vez al año, y cuando los veo me cuido mucho de lo que digo!

My husband's bros & sisters- (hasta ahorita) they're a different story : )
Most live approx 40 mins. away, but we get together maybe once a month. So when we see each other,
nos vemos con cariño : )

So your "mami" will be back soon-
it's about time! Qué hacía sin ti?!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

Bev said...

Reading your blog is really helping with my Spanish.

Anywhoo, your SIL sounds like a real B. That is so screwed up, I would've been major pissed, and I'm sure both you and Ponch were disappointed.

Hope you're all better now.

Golightly said...

Very disapointing of a SIL.
That trifle sounds delish! YUMS. You've been so busy; thanks for the update!