Monday, February 06, 2006

Nancy’s 30th (80’s themed) birthday party highlights.

Nancy’s 30th (80’s themed) birthday party highlights.

1 – Nancy’s facial expressions at the décor. Pure Excitement!! Or in the words of Information Society - Pure Energy!!
2 – Nancy’s entrance outfit.
3 – Everyone else’s outfits.
5 – My man’s tinsel wig and his choker, oh and his Chavo del 8 wrist band.
6 – Fuschia lip gloss being passed around like it was Bonne Belle.
7 – Dustin about Nancy’s dress “Is that the same dress as you’re wearing on that banner”
8 – Nancy crying over cupcakes but not the slide show. (we made a slide show with pictures of her as a kid and up to date with messages from her bestest friends and music in the background)
9 – Fammy giving orders during the decorating and Alfonso not obeying them.
10 – Dustin pretending to be helping.
11 – Fammy asking if she can marry Alfonso to which I replied “sure after we get a divorce”
12 – Jen to Fam “I wanna marry Yamell”
13 – Fam’s hair.
14 - Our photo backdrop.
15 – The fact that Fam is in 154 of the 156 pictures taken.
16 - Nancy's 2nd change of clothes a la Super Sweet 16
17 – Nancy and I having a bonding moment when the night was over.
18 – The fact that neither of us remember what it was about.
19 – Seeing Dustin in his underwear
20 – Dustin trying to sleep with Alfonso
21 – My lips were on fire the next day from the cheap shiny lip gloss.
22 – Nancy loving every second of her birthday and showing her gratitude.

I know there are more but I either can't post them or can't remember them.


Monique said...

It sounds like it was a blast!!! :)

Nancy said...

I was a great time. I love you guys each and every one of you.