Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Know when to walk away, know when to run..

Hola chicos y chicas. Life is uneventful at the moment.

Last Saturday was my nieces funeral service. It was an extremely emotional day. For more reasons than that but I won’t tell you about the other reasons because well… I just can’t. I’ll tell you in the near future though, I promise. The night before Fonz and I went to my brother and SIL’s house to help them put her stuff away in a display case. It was so sad but Alfonso and I were happy that they chose us to help them. I’m a much stronger person than I sometimes give myself credit for. Maybe that’s why we lost our baby last year. Maybe it was to help them with their loss this year. By no means was it the same traumatic situation but nonetheless it was and continues to be something distressing. If that is the reason why our little angel left us then that’s good enough for me. They keep on truckin’ though. I’m proud of them. I know they’re still hurting, the thing is that they haven’t let it get in the way of raising 3 of the most beautiful children EVER.

What About Brian? I love the show. Tune in.

Kenny Rogers. You gotta know when to hold’em. He’s had plastic surgery. Me no likey.

La Barca is my favorite Mexican seafood restaurant and a little while ago we went to have some shrimp cocktail deliciousness and it was closed. Tan tan tan. It had a seal on it and everything apparently someone doesn’t like to pay taxes. Tsk tsk. So today I was in my friend’s car while she drove me to get some food and guess what I saw? Oh come on don’t give up so easily. It was La Barca but over here in Valle Verde (aka Green Valley). I have to drive all the way out here now for my favorite treat. Shoot I don’t care though. I’d drive to Laughlin if it meant eating a La Barca shrimp cocktail. Yummm.

Easter weekend was also uneventful. Friday our friends Nancy and Dustin brought us dinner. Nice huh? We watched a movie and it bit the big one. We thought it was going to be scary and instead we laughed all the way through it. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was really The Slow Death of Yamell Nunya.

Saturday I cleaned house. We went to M & J’s (aka Martha & Joel aka Mom and Dad) for some Mexican eatin’. We went home and went to the gro sto to get some goodies for Easter dinner.

Sunday I cooked a ham, scalloped potatoes, fried green beans and filled an already made angel food cake with pineapple filling. The kids made a ruckus. Victoria my 5 year old niece made me listen to Kelly Clarkson again.

That doesn’t sound uneventful huh. I guess life isn’t uneventful just busy.

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Bev said...

I missed What About Brian. Damn and I wanted to see it.