Monday, April 24, 2006

What class are you?

The name of my blog should be disturbed chubby Mexican girl.

I just read something that was disturbing. Denise Richards hooked up with Richie Zambora. WTF? I thought her and Amanda Woodward I mean Heather Locklear were good friends. She hooked up with her ex? Does she not know the girl code? How rude. Maybe they’re not friends and I just believe everything that’s in the magazines.

Last night I was watching Intervention on A&E. It was about a bulimic and a meth addict. They showed the bulimic throwing up and her throw up. While watching I almost vomited myself. I also cried but hey I cry at everything. There was no point to my story by the way.

Oh yeah I’ve been meaning to say – YEAH NO MORE REGGAETON RADIO STATION!!! AMOR isn’t back but Recuerdo is and I’d rather listen to a bunch of organs than your Culo has Gasolina or whatever it’s called.

I don’t think you know or listen to this music but I listen to La Tricolor once in a while on my drive home. Huerquilla used to be on and now it’s some dude playing some I wanna emborracharme songs. What happened to her? She annoyed me but it was more entertaining that listening to Chalino the whole drive.

Oh yeah I thought of you Bev the other day when I went to the gyn. I thought of your polished toes and how mine weren’t. I normally take a pair of socks to put on so my feet don’t freeze but I forgot them. I don’t really like putting my bare feet in a stranger’s face. I mean I like to put my foot on Alfonso’s cheek every once in a while but Alfonso and my hoo-ha attendant are different people. Anyway I was embarrassed. I feel even more naked without my socks. Is that possible? I was watching Eva Longoria with Ryan Seacrest and they went to eat at Mi Tierra. Which has nothing to do with the gyn but you’re always talking about that place.

On Friday Oprah’s topic of discussion was “What class are you?”. Some people associate long nails and hoop earrings to low class. Some said obese people were low class because they don’t have the means to take care of themselves. I say STFU! Don’t judge a book by its cover. You can wear Fendi glasses and carry a LV purse but the second you open your mouth all sorts of things start happening. Class to me isn’t about the cover it’s about the package. It’s not about the paycheck it’s about the actions. Look at Britney Spears for example. WOWSERS! What the heck happened to you girl?

Let’s say for example (names have been changed to protect the foolish and the innocent) your man goes to his friend’s house (the host). At said house a friend of the host straight from the hood shows up with his HR (use your imagination it’s a song). HR (also take note she’s braless, wearing a shirt of course, in a room full of dudes) checks out your man’s stuff and says “why you showing your nuts man” which leads to her P.I.M.P saying “dayumm they’re as big as baseballs”. Your man acts like the human being he is and ignores the comments but is still embarrassed. More embarrassed for them because wow, did they just leave prison? So they all carry on when again HR brings up his stuff and the P.I.M.P tells him to cover up. Obviously the fool is embarrassed by his own manhood and a little intimated that the myth* might not ring true to him. Your man covers up just so they’ll STFU. What class would you put them in? I’m going to guess gutter but hey we all have our own opinions. Now the host is excited for his girl to meet HR. FOR REAL! You would want your girl to associate with such T.R.A.S.H.? If my man ever wanted me to associate with someone like that thinking we’d have something in common there’d be some fightin’ going on. So to the host, cut them ties dude. You don’t want people thinking you’re the company you keep. Also a note to the host, stand up for your friend next time and tell the jacka** disrespecting him and your girl and embarrassing him in front of everyone to STFU and go wash their mouth out with soap. You’ll sound a little feminine but you’ll have a friend for life. You would then be considered high class and higher on my list of favorite people. I had to knock you down on my list of favorites. You were above Oprah but now you’re between Oprah and Gilbert Gottfried. Just kidding GG isn’t on my list.

It was nice spending time with you girls on Saturday. I missed you. I love you.

*Myth is that black men have big penis'.


Bev said...

Thanks for thinking of me while at the gyn.

Damn, I missed that Ryan Seacrest/Eva Longoria interview.

I wish I caught that Oprah. I don't think hoop earrings are low class, it depends on how you wear 'em. Now I wonder what class I'm in.

Yamell said...

Yeah that sounds kind of like I'm a perv huh. I'll try and not think of you next time I go to the gyn but when I go shopping or something.

I think they're re-air the interview. I caught it on Sunday like 9 am or something.

Girl you're high class! :-) I don't think hoop earrings are low class either. I think the lady was just uptight.

Golightly said...

Holy smokes, I wear huge hoope earrings any time I can--wonder what peeps are thinking of me?!?

Eva makes me want to puke! UGH. Speaking of the puke--yeah that Intervention is a very disturbing show, I can only watch it when it is so foolish like people addicting to video games. Hello--they are called boys. Anyway, that episode had me going huh? Never knew there was a rehab center for video game addicts. Seriously, that show is sad & disturbing.

Oprah's been doing some great stuff lately...did you catch the kid genius the other day? I fell in love with the boy who is running for president in 2032. Too presh

Yamell said...

Oprah has been great lately. I don't like it so much when she has celebrities because she kisses butt in the most nauseating way. I have the episode with the genius kids on DVR ready to watch.