Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Monday to ya!

Grey’s Anatomy is going to give me a nervous breakdown. Damn that’s a good show. Most people don’t like the Izzy-Denny thing but I do. I don’t like what she did last night because that’s wrong but it makes for good TV.

You know what else is good TV? What About Brian? I love that show. Too bad there were only 4 episodes in the season. I really liked it.

Big Love is good too. I love it! I grew up with Mormons. In junior high my best friend who we’ll call C, was Mormon. She was also ahem how can I put this very nicely? She was extremely sexually active (she slept with her step brother). Yep in junior high. On one of the rare occasions where Martha let me spend the night at a friend’s house, C showed me her crotchless panties. She wasn’t wearing them. Wow I almost vomited… in my mouth. I sat in aw of these things she was showing me. She was also not embarrassed to walk around butt a** nekkid. We were 11 or 12 and well had big boobies for our age. Anyway so all these things she did in front of me really embarrassed me because I was still very naïve and that stuff wasn’t really on my mind. She would also always go for the guys that I liked. It started a pattern in my life actually. Any time I told a friend I liked someone they’d end up with them, up until I was oh about 29. Anyway so I don’t know what happened to C but we ended losing touch after junior high. Thank you my Lord.

I’m a little upset with the magazines I subscribe to. They’re always f’ing late! US canceled me because I forgot to mail the check then I send it and still 5 weeks later nothing. I ask them what the deal is and they say they’re coming back undeliverable. This is odd because I seem to get the other magazines just fine. So they sent me my magazine and now my other magazines are coming late. I’m not sure if it’s them or if it’s the post office whom I’ve contacted regarding this issue before and they say it’s not them. Well if it’s not anyone, it must be the magazine fairy trying to upset me. Now I have nothing to read today at lunch. I can only read “O at Home” for so long before I go cross eyed.

Alfonso surprised me yesterday with an ice cream cake. I’ll post a pic later. It was really cute. He had them write “For the Mom to be Yamell” on it.

We went to Martha’s yesterday and made her breakfast. She was at mass so we had it ready for her when she got home. She really is the cutest little lady I’ve ever met in my whole life. We got her this frame from Red Envelope. I love that place. It’s an addiction. She recently painted the inside of her house and has all these pictures everywhere. I got her this so she could get rid of some of the clutter and hang them in one place. I’m also hoping that she puts away my Sadie Hawkins picture from 1992.

My mom is tiny. I mean really short. I’m 5’5”. I’m not giant but she doesn’t even reach my shoulders. Last night we saw this commercial on tv about booster seats and how if you’re child is under 4’9 they really should be in a booster seat. Seriously, if I had a 4 year old that was taller than 4’9”, I’d call him Jack. So I called her today to tell her that I ordered her one. Her response “Nada mas me hablas para decirme eso? Mal creadona”.

I’m also happy that I’m 31 and don’t still go to clubs but at 27 I didn’t really go to clubs either. I’m just happy I’m not a club go-er. Although if the Roxbury guys went I’d gladly go. They’re funny and I think they’d make me laugh.

Someone keeps spraying this air freshener aka anti-fuchi. I call this particular one they use her sense of smell remover. It’s called Spice but every time someone uses it you leave the restroom smelling like a French whore. It stinks!!


Golightly said...

congrats on your baby news!! WHOO HOO!
(sorry I am late)

And I love Big Love, too. I'm so crushing on Bill Paxton--yum.

UGH Grey's on Sunday was good; but last night was such a chore for me to watch.

Yamell said...

Thank you golightly!

Yeah he's something goin' on on that show. He looked good the other night in his baptism outfit.

I fell asleep close to the end last night. I couldn't keep my eyes open. They irritated me though up to the point where I fell asleep. The girls were acting so needy and annoying.

Bev said...

I'm sure your Mormon friend has atleast 5 kids now.

Yamell said...

Yep all from different dudes or not knowing who the baby daddy is. I'm surprised I haven't seen her on Maury.