Thursday, January 08, 2009


Happy New Year!

As you can tell, I just don't feel like it these days. For a long time actually. I'd like to find time to do it every day. Maybe like Rev Run while sitting in my bath tub. My fingers hurt though and I almost go into full blown anxiety attack when trying to post from the phone. I'll try taking a Xanax next time prior and see how it works out.

I started to write something oh 3 months ago or so and my e-mail deleted the draft. It was about Diego and all the things he says now but they change so quickly that it'd be dumb to post it now anyway. He says EVERYTHING. If I say it he repeats it. He says, please and thank you. Very nice young man. He kisses every part of my face before bed. More importantly, he does the sign of the cross before bed. He also does it to me and his Papi or his babe or Poncho whatever he chooses to call him that day. Then we say our I love you's and he says I wu or mucho, like te quiero mucho, but he shortens it. He's cool like that. Then he says Mami mucho? As in does Mami love him mucho. I say si, Mami te quiere mucho, Papi mucho? Nino mucho? So he wants to know if everyone loves him. You get the point right? His shows of choice are Yo Gabba Gabba and Hi-5. He’s not into cartoons just yet. He learned to tap his head and rub his belly from watching Hi-5. There’s so much he does. He’s sick right now with an ear infection. He takes his medicine like a champ. He’s always been so good at not fighting me on that. He’s poo’d in the potty twice. Not since like 2 weeks ago though (12/22 & 12/23). Since he’s been sick he really hasn’t wanted to look at the potty. He’s now 2. He turned 2 on October 1. Christmas was a good time. He’s interested in the boxes more than the gifts. Next year he should be so excited about what’s in the boxes and more importantly, all that Christmas entails. Jesus, family, etc. As I think of more stuff, I’ll add it or not which is probably more accurate. I’m a horrible mom.

We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary this year. A’s birthday was also celebrated.

My friend had a baby on Friday, A’s cousin’s wife (cousin-in-law?) had her baby on Tuesday. Lots of babies. Congratulations to both. Hope you’re getting your z’s and losing your minds.

We didn’t have a baby. There’s not one in the belly either. I swear I get asked when we’re having our next one if not once a week maybe a little more. So I’ll answer it for you now. Maybe this year. With the economy being the way it is, it scares me a little. I don’t want the new child (should we be blessed with a 2nd) to not have the same things that Diego had. I want them both to be equally spoiled. That’s the set back for me. There are others as well but that’s not for today. Having a child is the hardest job ever. You have to have energy at all times. I don’t have that right now. As I said, we’ll go into that another day.

Um, I took the music off because I was tired of the same songs over and over and I can’t find my password to change it. The jerks never e-mail me back either when I try and request it so off it goes. I don’t know what music I like right now anyway, unless you count the music on American Idol Encore for Wii. Then I’ll sing to you. I didn’t say it’d sound pretty.

Oh I’m sick too. For the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Yeah. How you like them apples?


Bev said...

So when are you going to have another baby?


"You have to have energy at all times." Tell me about it. Seriously, I ask myself all the time why people have kids. I know it's accidental for some, but seriously.

Sounds like Diego is maturing nicely.

Ms. Marie said...

It's so nice to hear that you are thinking of another baby, the good thing is that you waited a while instead of jumping into it right away, you had time to enjoy Diego. If you have one after another then you miss out on a lot. Good luck with your decision, and thanks for the's sad, but oh so true. :)