Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Times change

Imma get all deep. Again. When I was younger, say, oh, my early to late twenties. Most of my friends and family were having kids and/or getting married. Not necessarily in that order. I had time. And lots of it. I dedicated most of it to them and their kids/families. For years.

 I then got married and started my own family. And that left me with little time because now I have my family and all that comes with it. What sucks about that is that the people I spent all that time with can't spend that time with me because they still have their families and they still have all that comes with it. And more.

 But now some are single and have weekends free and I'm still married and getting a sitter isn't as easy as it was with a smaller family. My point is, be patient. Be understanding. If I can't come to you like I did for years and I ask you to come to me, please don't take it as me being a bad friend. Please take it as, you helping me out. And providing me with company and friendship. It's not forever. But right now it's what works. Your friendship keeps me sane. It's just not as easy as when I could grab my keys and run out the door whenever I felt like it. I mean, I most certainly could but I may come home to my clothes on the lawn. I'm sure very nicely folded.

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