Monday, September 19, 2005

My Babies

I went thru a rough period with Alfonso while we were dating. He would disappear and leave for Mexico without a word to me. During one of those disappearances my sister in law (my brother’s wife) was pregnant with my niece Victoria. When she was born it was clear to me that she came into this world to bring me happiness. This may sound a little selfish or what not but I really think it was. She consumed me. I love everything about her. She is my first niece. She’s beautiful and most of all, she loves me unconditionally. She made my days just by thinking of her and her cute little face. She would follow me around and used to cry when I would leave. She’s now 5 going on 26 and now says “don’t let the door hit ya on the way out” but she still has a way of making my heart melt.

I now have two nieces (Victoria, Viviana) and two nephews (Joel and Eric). Their laughter is infectious. They have the most precious faces and personalities. My nieces are the only ones that can make out sentences at this time, when they tell me they love me it’s enough to make all of my other worries seem so insignificant. My nephews only know how to slap and spit on you but when they do, they’ll have you asking for more.

I’ve been kicked to the curb. They adore Alfonso (Tio Foso). We can be in the middle of a conversation about puppies and rainbows when here comes Alfonso and I’m left talking to myself or their babies (dolls). I’m happy that they love him and he loves them. He’s great with kids, but more importantly my nieces and nephews (his partners as he likes to call them).

I love you my babies, all of you!!


Moni said...

Awwwww..they sound like cuties! My grandmother's name was Victoria. :)

Yamell said...

Just add that to the list of the things that we have in common.