Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blue Teddy Bears and a Tape Recorder

On my drive to work this morning, in between screaming profanities at the crazy ass drivers and debating whether or not this work stuff is for me, I remembered some stupid shit I did as a child.

My best friend’s name was Megan. Megan and I hung out a lot as children. Maybe together but mostly separately I think. Megan and I thought we were rock stars so we formed a music group. May I mention now that no one had instruments, much less singing abilities? How we were going to have a music band is beyond me. I guess I could have played one of my mix tapes on my tape recorder and we could have with that music in the background a la Ashlee Simpson. So guess what our band name was going to be. Guess. Please guess dang it! It was Luxurious Lace. WHAT?!?! Yep. What 7 year old wants to have a band with that name? WE WERE, WE WERE because we were hot with our missing teeth and crooked pony tails. Luxurious was too long so we shortened it to Lux. We combined this with a club we formed. We loved teddy bears, I mean what 7 year old doesn’t. So then we asked each other what our favorite color was and we all said blue. Thus, The Blue Teddy Bear Club. We had weekly meetings where we rarely discussed our future careers in kids bop or fur. Instead, I remember we exchanged Orange Julius recipes.

Megan would also call a boy that I had a crush on for me. His name was Manuel. I would use his last name but I’m so embarrassed for myself. Why am I using my own name for the love of all that is cute and furry? So she’d call Manuel for me and tell him that she knew that someone liked him. Wow I was a tramp at 7. Dirty! She’d then record the phone conversation by putting the phone up to the tape recorder as they were talking. By his name I assume you know that he was Mexican. So my next question to you is, why did I dedicate Jungle Love by Morris Day and the Time to him? I mean, seriously. Don’t laugh Jen! This wasn’t at 7 though it was at like 9 or 10 or whenever I was in 4th or 5th grade. I liked him for that long, um now that I think about it I think that’s when our girl band and fur club started. I’m so embarrassed for me. Later I had an anonymous letter given to Manuel. It let him know my favorites. My favorite group, Midnight Star. My favorite type of music, Soul. My Favorite Song, No Parking on the Dance Floor. Those are the only ones that I remember. He didn’t like me back. I know you find that hard to believe, I mean I dedicated Jungle Love to him for the sake of Pete. Instead his friend Jose liked me. I didn’t settle, but we could be friends, Jose and I. Manuel became a really good friend of mine. In High School he almost beat my boyfriend up because he was being shady and by shady I mean a cheating, liar, fucker. I love you Manuel, in a friendly, I’m a married woman kind of way. I love you too Megan!

The point of my story was Lux Lace rocks and so do blue teddy bears! Boys always distract me.

PS - I ended up having a crush on Manuel's brother too. Keep it in the family baby! WHORE!


Monique said...

When I was a kid i wanted to form my own Vanity 6 band, cause I was a "nasty girl" and wanted everyone to know! ;)

Oh, and I didnt have anything cool like the Blue Teddy Bear club but I did have an imaginary friend. It was a cat/bear (yes, a mixture of both) named Michi and we used to have imaginary campouts. I had a voice for it too.

Lordy. :\

Yamell said...

That's hilarious! Michi the cat/bear, how cute!!

Coco said...

Growing up-
I, too, was sort of in a band-
improvising The Supremes, Nancy Sinatra (with those Boots!).
My sister and I would perform for my father : )
One time, while perfoming, my nylon stockings (my mom's) wouldn't stay up! They kept falling to my ankles- and I kept asking for "time outs". Yes, we would dress up- heels, stockings, dresses, etc IT WAS FUN!
My father LOVED these performances!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

Yamell said...

We were all so cute!

Jenny said...

Hi Yummy, I just sat here for about a half hour and caught up on all your blogs. Are you so proud of me? Just thinking of how much you mean to me...and the Fonz and hope you are having a nice evening. I love you very much and thanks for being you!


P.S. Can I get a blog? Geesh you know how I get paranoid? Just kidding. hugs and kisses!!!!!!

CiscoKid said...

To be a kid again....

Yamell said...

Jenny, I forgot to tell you that you'll get yours on your birfday. Thanks for taking time to read my blog. It means a lot. We love you too peaches!