Thursday, October 20, 2005


So update for all of you wanting to know what happened with Aunt Jan. She e-mailed me. WOOO HOOOO! I LOVE HER. I just need to write her back. Sorry Aunt Jan. I’m not a stalker, I promise. I like the blue shirt you’re wearing today. J Just kidding. I mean if you are wearing a blue shirt it’s probably cute. I was just kidding that, never mind, you get it.

Alfonso’s parents arrived on Saturday. He went to go visit them. They brought us so much stuff. It was like Christmas. His sister Angelina sent us some blankets for our future children. BEAUTIFUL! I’ll take pics and post when I’m not lazy. His other sister Chuya sent us Gorditas (like cookies not like Taco Bell). His mom brought me some pillow cases and some napkins. AWESOME! I love it all. They also brought us pumpkin seeds (they’re good from over there) and cheese. Alfonso is making a house in Mexico so they brought his little “maketa or maqueta” or whatever it’s called in Spanish. In English it’s like those little buildings that architects make when they’re planning on making shops or housing developments. It’s so dang cute. I can’t wait until it’s done in 2020.

We had the most awesome October 16th ever! Also known as our honeyversary. Aww that’s cute huh. I made that up. You so could not have known that. It started out with Yamell getting up at 7 am. Yep 7 am. HUNG OVER. My friend Jenny came over the night before and we were up late a drinking and a chatting and apparently a lot more drinking than chatting because my head hurt BAD the next day. 7 am my alarm goes off. I call my daddy to get his a** to mi casa. He came over to help me out with Menudo. Not the singing group but the food. Although it would have been nice if Menudo would’ve come over. Súbete a mi moto. Yeah baby! The old school one not the new kiddies. Miguel Cancel was the shiznit yo! His birthday is 6/28, two days before mine. I think he’s gay but that don’t matter because one day I’ll marry Pepe Aguilar. He fo’ sho’ can’t be gay. Back to the Menudo the meal. So I showered and tried not to vomit. My daddy came over and I pretended to be wide eyed and bushy tailed. He helped me out and then bailed. He looked like he had been hittin’ the drinky himself. I cleaned up a little bit. I laid on the couch, awaiting the arrival of our early worm guests. Ding dong, there goes that idea. It was my brother and my nieces and nephew. There ain’t no sleeping now. 2 seconds later, my in laws (brother, his wife, 2 kids and suegros) come over. It was great to see them. It’s been a year since the last time they came. My FIL hugged me so dang tight. He’s so cute. My MIL is way cute too. They had big ol’ smiles on their faces. Then 10ish came and here came mi familia. Mami, Papi, Tia and Primo. Also known in English as Mommy, Daddy, Aunt, Cousin. My mamasita brought us some roses for our anniversary. She’s so dang cute. I love you little lady! So between the hours of 10 & 12, Alfonso’s nephew pulled the dogs ears while I was watching him and the dog barked all up in his face, thus causing him to turn pale jump up and sit on the couch. My niece Victoria had the door slam on her fingers. Ayyy pobrecita! My FIL asked for grandchildren. Here’s our conversation:

Suegro: Que han hecho? (What have you been doing?)
Me: Aparte de nada? Trabajando(Aside from nothing? Working)
Suegro: Porque no se ponen a hacer algo. (Why don’t you do something?)
Me: Como que? (like what)
Suegro: Yo quiero nietos (I want grandchildren)
Me (shifting around doing the p-p dance):
Me: Pues, que le diré, el año que viene ya empezaremos a tratar (next year we’ll start trying)
Suegro: Es mucho tiempo, no crees (it’s a lot of time don’t you think)
Me: Es que tengo unas cosas que me gustaria hacer antes de empezar nuestra familia (there are some things I’d like to do befote starting a family)
Suegro: Ok
Me: Heavy sigh

We ate and then everyone left and Alfonso and I breathed a sigh of relief. I love our families but I can’t handle them all at the same time. It’s too hectic. And there’s not enough seating. I mean it’s not an arena or anything. Dang Mexicans and our big ol’ families.

So we napped. At 4:45 Alfonso woke me up with “What time are you going to get up so you can start getting ready?”. I said “Well, the concert is at 9 so not now.”. He did some investigative work (I’m so proud of you baby) and had my older brother make reservations for us at Hugo’s Cellar . I was so impressed and still am. So we got up, got ready and boned out. It was so nice. They give the women a red rose. So purdy. So we had a cocktail because man I’m telling you it was pure alcohol. It was captain with a splash of diet. Remember, I’m hung over so that sh** does not taste good. We leave dinner and head on over to Martha and Joel’s house. They’re also known around these parts as, my parents. We went over so that they could take a picture of us. Bad idea. They take horrible pictures. I think they only know how to work that old ass Polaroid. My mom took one and it we were all the way to the left. My dad took one and chopped off Alfonso’s head. I’ll post them for your viewing pleasure. We then departed to the LV Hilton where my man Juan Gabriel would perform for me. I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when I go see people and they want me to sing the song for them. If I wanted to sing the song for them, I’d also collect the check for them. I don’t mind joining you for a duet but to sing the song for you, me no likey. He did this to one of my favs, Se Me Olvido Otra Vez. I really like that song and wanted you to sing it to me, but no instead I had to hear the people all around me singing the wrong lyrics and closing their eyes as if they could feel the beat. The show all joking aside was phenomenal. He’s such a great entertainer. He’s so different than when he’s on TV. He’s so flaming. He was wearing a purple satin suit with rhinestones. Looking like Liberace. I heart him though. Then the mariachi’s came out. Wow they were awesome too. They were so entertaining and hot. I wish they would have played at our wedding. He’s such a genius! That’s it. Then we went home and went na-night.

I was off on Monday, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool. I really did nothing, which I felt guilty about because my house was flipped turned upside down. I like the Fresh Prince, can you tell?

Pics to follow of all of the above.


Monique said...

So glad you had a good time with the familia!!
Gorditas: those crumbly cookies that take oh, so good???!!

Monique said...

that *taste* oh so good

Bev said...

Sounds like it was a good show and what a great honeyversary.