Thursday, November 10, 2005

I think I'm turning Japanese

Hermelinda Linda here reporting for CCMG.

Saturday was Poncho’s birthday. We had a great time. The evening started out with good friends meeting at our house for drinks. He opened gifts. Nancy and Dustin gave him Napoleon Dynamite and a bottle of Jager. Coincidentally, we purchased a bottle of Jager earlier in the day so that Dustin would have something to drink when he came over. I think Fonz and him should marry each other. Sometimes I really think Dustin wants to. I’ve walked in and caught him staring at Alfonso all dreamy eyed. Perv.

Tam got him a Cleveland Indians baseball cap (Fonz into the baseball likes the Indians).

Jen got him a gift certificate to Outback. Yummm. Can’t wait. I also noticed Jen, that you started to write To: Fonz and JYamell. Uh huh. You were going to try and have a date with my man. Nice try sista. I caught you!

I got him 3 shirts (he has lots of pants) and some boots. He wore one of his new shirts that night.
We then headed off to Benihana’s. We all crammed into Tam’s car.

My brother Joey and his wife Karmin met us there. It was a good time. Alfonso thought he had to drink every kind of alcohol that was offered to him. Silly. We had a great hibachi-ista. What are they called? He was so funny.

After dinner we headed back to our house where we had a pajama jammy jam. No longer than being 20 minutes home, the birthday boy went na-night. Uh Happy Birthday to ya! 20 minutes after that Dustin went to sleep. Can you say weak? So the girls stayed up having drinks and indulging in gossip as we normally do. We had a great time. A little after 2 am, Jen and I finally decided to call it a night.

That’s the excitement. WOO HOOO! Alfonso had a good time though and that’s all that matters. Well we all had a good time actually.

Next day was a carne asada with my in-law’s.

Click here for more photos.


Golightly said...

yeah that is weak! hee, how fun to have a pajama party after. seems like you guys had a blast!

Bev said...

Poncho sure has some animated faces. I just viewed all your pictures. Some comments:

-The wedding was beautiful. I like the pic of you by yourself in the desert, the one with the big rock.

-Did you feel like "Fools Rush In" when yall were painting your house? Don't get me wrong, I love the colors you chose. Very nice.

-You look like you have a fun group of friends.

Yamell said...

Thanks for making me snort Bev.

I actually did feel like that movie but I just watched it again the other day and was like "Damn I gotta repaint". I actually picked the colors because of my decor.

My friends are a lot of fun.

That's one of my favorite pics too.

Yamell said...

Oh yeah and Poncho can't ever have serious face. He's just like my dad. I have very few pics of my dad where he's not making faces.