Monday, December 05, 2005

Jibba Jabba

I’m sitting here listening to someone’s conversation and so badly want to jump in.

This girl that works here (L) ad an affair with a dude (S) that works here. He was married. Not sure if he still is but he’s with L now. As a matter of fact she’s having his baby. So anywho, she’s asking this girl D for advice. D’s 30 going on 12. L is mad because S’ ex wife is mean to her. Um rightfully so beyotch. You slept with her husband when he was still her husband. Not only did you sleep with him but you slept with him in her bed. WRONG! I don’t judge her for being with a married man. Been there, done that (when I was single). Won’t ever do it again. Never stepped foot in their home. Of course, I’m married and I don’t want that done to me. He can cheat on me all he wants but do not bring her to our home unless you want a penis removal. If you’re going to cheat, leave me. Okay, back to them. So she doesn’t understand why the ex is so bitter. This all happened less than a year ago. Give her some effing time, for the love of wives who’ve been cheated on. My goodness. This girl D that was giving her advice is on her 2nd divorce. They talked behind me and told all their business for more than ½ hour. I really wanted to say ahem her man cheated on her with you and you want her to be civil less than a year later. Wait a while, take a seat because you don’t want to get tired while you’re waiting. D stop giving advice honey it sounds funny when you’re saying that the ex was at that age (40ish) where blah blah blah. How do you know she’s at that age when you haven’t passed her age yet. Sit down and nod your head. Do not give advice. I repeat do not give advice.

So my weekend consisted of dinner & drinks with Dusty and Nancy on Friday night. We had a good time. We went to Boulder Station. Nancy said that everyone there looked like they were stuck in the 80’s. Then we looked around and took time to observe. 80% of the people there were wearing suede jackets with fringe. Most of the women had 80’s aqua net hair. It looked more like a truck stop to me. We had a good time nonetheless.

Saturday we did nothing but house stuff. Well I should rephrase. Alfonso did house stuff. I filed my nails and talked on the phone. Not nice, I know but that’s what I did.

Yesterday I got up and made breakfast for us and then he disappeared for a while. I watched tv. Wow, I’m lazy.

This week I have to pack my kitchen up. You see we have the German cucaracha. Our neighbors that moved blessed us with it. They were nasty cucaracha carrying pigs. So Terminix is coming out and taking care of our problem.

My mamita is home now so I’m making flautas for her and my daddy tonight. Do I feel like it? No. I’m so sleepy. I have the hardest time sleeping on Sunday nights.

Poncho asked me what we’re doing for Xmas. Whether we’re going to his brother’s house or what. I said or what. I’m not going somewhere where they treat people like doggy doo. He said “well do you want me to go for a little while. For my parents.” I said no, we’re inviting them to our home that evening. If they’d like to join us, they’re more than welcome to. Was I wrong? I think he should go for a little while but I just can’t do it. I think I’ve put in my part and that they’ve sh*t all over me. The last thing left for me to do is shine their shoes and get on my knees and beg them to please be nice to me. I don’t see that happening for some reason. I love my husband and I want to see him happy. That’s all I want besides my two front teeth.

Oh yeah, I’m going to be a tia, once again. Niece/Nephew #5. This is my little 27 year old brothers 4th child. Yeah. They’re trying to beat the world record. He thinks we live in Old Mexico 1927. I welcome my niece or nephew as there is much love to go around. If he’s a boy than his name should be Mateo or Benjamin (pronounced in spanish). I’m not sure of girl names but llemaY is always a winner.


Bev said...

I'm not sure what to say about Christmas and Ponch's brother. I've never been married, but I think I would do what would make my husband happy, so I guess what I'm saying is I would accompany him to his brothers but only 'cause you don't want to make him choose between his wife and his family. You don't have to go kiss their asses, you really don't have to say a whole lot to them, just go and be the better person. Just make it clear to Ponch that you don't want to spend the day with them, but maybe 2 to 3 hours.

"He thinks we live in Old Mexico 1927." - So funny.

Yamell said...

You're absolutely right Bev. I just get tired of always being the better person. I have my faults and I know I can be stubborn but I just get tired of always being the one that has to do the right thing.

Bev said...

Yeah, I get sick of it too and sometimes you wish the other person would just step up and be the better person also, but whatcha gonna do?