Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hola friends.

Yesterday Alfonso called his parents in Mexico to see how they’re doing. There were problems. He found out his sister lost her baby early in her pregnancy. So after they caught up he called his sister to offer support. She’s doing fine but of course her spirit is broken right now. You know you envision everything going perfectly, you have all these plans and then all of a sudden everything falls to the ground and shatters to little pieces. She has 1 daughter that’s about 4 or 5 years old. She won’t be trying for more. We’ll keep her in our prayers.

She also mentioned that my suegros were very impressed with me and my family. They said we were amable (kind). Also that I couldn’t have been nicer to them. You see they left on what I thought were bad terms. The details make me sad so I won’t say what happened but it wasn’t pretty. I’m happy to hear that they left impresionados. As I was too. I miss them. Both of them. They brought life to our home.
I love you suegros.


Bev said...

I'm sure you're a fabulous daughter in law.

Yamell said...

Aww shucks!