Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss

Hola chicas y chicos, damas y caballeros.

Yesterday was a frustrating yet interesting day. So full of emotion and pride. I of course, cried. I cried on the way to work because in my life I’ve wanted nothing more than to be a part of something so grand. It’s my passion. My people are my passion. My culture is my passion. I couldn’t be a part of it because unfortunately I had to work. My work ethic would not let me do it. We’re busy at work right now because it’s month end and quarter end and I couldn’t let my co-workers down. My parents who came here illegally 30 + years ago taught me to do right by my employer. That’s what I did. I was given the option of leaving at noon but unfortunately daily events here made it impossible. However, I didn’t buy anything. I don’t normally sell or go to school so I didn’t do that either.

While here at work I was able to partake in the listening of ignorance jibba jabba. This man who shall remain nameless, as I don’t want to name the ignorant, said “The trucking company isn’t coming to pick up the shipment because he’s participating in the Mexican strike”. So I yelled out “IT’S NOT THE MEXICAN STRIKE” and under my breath said Motherf***er. Then again he said it and I said “Hold me back” to my coworker.

I’m sure some of the other folks made some ignorant comments but they chose to say it somewhere else. Smart folks.

Ignorance is something I can’t handle. For instance:

“Are you Spanish?” – Spanish is the language not my nationality/heritage whatever you’d like to call it.
“Do you speak Mexican?” – Mexican is not a language
Not all Spanish speaking humans are Mexican.
Not all illegal aliens are Mexican.
Hispanic, not sure where this term came from to include all Spanish speaking individuals but Hispanic is someone from Spain yes they speak Spanish but we’re not all Hispanic.
Latino yeah this doesn’t include all or any Spanish speaking individuals either.
I refer to myself as Mexican. Ever since I learned the 2 things above.

You don’t have to agree, I’m just saying is all.

While watching the news last night and watching all the people that went to march, I was sincerely flabbergasted. So many people. I’m so proud.

I had to keep switching radio stations though because unfortunately ignorance was everywhere. Illegals don’t pay taxes so therefore they shouldn’t have rights. How do illegals not pay taxes? They have to buy stuff right? They’re working, right? They buy some expensive a** gas right? If you want to get mad at someone get mad at the folks standing on the corner holding signs. Those folks don’t pay taxes and they’re making the big bucks. I saw it.. on the news.

A 16 year old girl called and said “I’m Puerto Rican and I pay taxes why are they taking advantage of what I work for”. Okay first of all little girl. Yes you are Puerto Rican and you speak Spanish but you have no idea of what these people go through to get to this here the ol’ U.S. of A nor does it mean that you have a right to act like you know what you’re talking about.

Also someone yesterday said they didn’t know I was Mexican because I don’t have an accent. O que la fregada, first you complain because we’re not learning to speak English. You meet someone who does and you want me to have an accent so that you can tell I’m Mexican. Not all Mexicans have accents. Call my brothers, you’ll see.

Anyway I’m proud of everyone who went to march yesterday and that everyone stood up for what they believe in. Don’t let anyone tell you, you don’t belong here. You probably have as much right to be here as anyone else. Why? Because you’re human.


Bev said...


Only til recently have I been referring to myself as "Latina" but i prefer Mexican.

Yamell said...

I think sometimes it's easier to say Latina or hispanic because some people don't understand.