Friday, May 12, 2006


To add to my list below of things I don’t like. I don’t like it when girls where heels and they don’t know how to walk in them, thus causing them to look like they’re walking down hill in their mommy’s shoes. I also don’t like it when girls where black pants and white shoes. I just don’t really like that look. Mind you, I don’t normally focus on the outside but… sometimes I can’t help but see these things.

Saturday mornings were my favorite as a little girl. Papi would go to work and it would be my brothers and I left to fend for ourselves. Saturdays meant cleaning, fighting, cartoons, coquitas and Little Giant sandwiches. Remember those little cans of Coke? I think some stores carry them now. We’d stay in our PJ’s most of the morning. I would wait for the Menudo McDonald’s commercials to come on. My brothers would want to kill me but most of the time they weren’t even up. Even as a little girl I would be up with the qui-quiri-quis (roosters). Mom would feed me breakfast before she left for work. I lived to eat. Still do that’s why I’m a Tallas Extra grandes girl (plus size) but that’s not today’s story. So is the story about how K-Mart has this sign above their Plus Size-Women’s section. WTF? Back to my story. Joey, the eldest, would pretend he was the boss. “We’re cleaning at Noon”, he’d yell. That was code for you clean at noon. I had to dust, wash dishes, clean the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. Dusting entailed taking down all of mom’s curiosidades from the entertainment center along with the consola. He’d vacuum. He must have been exhausted. There was also one time that I was sitting on my knees next to the bed cutting out school pictures. Joey came by took the scissors out of my hand and hit me on the head with them. I cried, “I’m cutting out pictures for my grandma you dummy”. He felt bad and handed the scissors back to me. I still tell him that story when I want him to feel bad. ‘Member? You ‘member? Joey would also sometimes leave us there by ourselves and run out with his friends. He’d make it back just in time for Dad to come home. Jerk. Eric, the youngest, would be in his tighty whities and I’d push him out the front door and lock it until he cried. Oh still makes me laugh. It wasn’t nice I know but if you could see his skinny ass in his white ass underwear. You’d laugh too. There was a little closet in our small duplex apartment hallway. Mami would keep all the toiletries in there. It held Papi’s shaving cream aka toy. We’d use the shaving cream and have shaving cream fights. It was all fun and games until Gordis (me) cried. Told ya I cry at all occasions. Then I’d lock myself in the bathroom until my Papi came home. Papi would always save the day but watch out si llegaba de malas. Our mere laughter would set him off. He’d come home with coquitas and either ham sanwiches from the Little Giant Market or subs from Teresa’s deli. Back in the day Little Giant Market was one of the very few here in Las Vegas that carried Mexican products. I loved Saturdays. My brothers made my life miserable for most of my juventud but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I hold such wonderful memories. I still wish I had a sister though.

Have a nice weekend!

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Bev said...

That kind of reminds me of my brothers and I. I used to wish I had a sister, but not in the last ten years have I wished that.