Thursday, June 22, 2006

Extraordinary Men

Alfonso had an errand to run yesterday morning so he went into work late. He was a fugitive from the law. An unpaid traffic ticket. A missed court date. Yes my readers, my husband is a rebel. He forgot to check the court date and hence he missed it. He checked the ticket at 8 pm the day he was supposed to go to court. I didn’t nag him about it this time and that’s why he forgot. See men, you need your nagging women or you become law breakers. He’s not in jail. We just had to pay a big ol’ fine and now he’s going to traffic school.

On said day we woke up at the same time. Normally he gets up at 5 and I get up at 6ish. So I get up and go about my business. I picked my clothes out and went and dropped it off in a room where the ironing board is and then I started getting ready. When I got out of the shower I got the biggest surprise ever! I went back to iron my clothes and Fonz was doing it for me. My eyes welled up with tears, because it’s the little things, and then he kicked me out because of the tears. He’s just the greatest and every day in one way or another I show him he is.

Have I told you today that I miss Martha? I do. I’m so lonely without her. I don’t have anyone to chit chat with. My friend called me last night though and I was excited. No one ever calls me at home. It’s hard to talk on the phone at work either I’m busy or the other person is busy. It’s also hard to communicate through e-mail because sometimes things are misconstrued and sometimes people just don’t know how to read and comprehend. Anywho, she called and we chit chatted for a while. About nothing. Those are the best conversations with friends when you’re just talking about random stuff. I mean sometimes they contain depth and those are good too but too many deep thoughts are overwhelming at times. It made me feel better and I went to bed feeling happier. Alfonso is great company but sometimes you need your girls man. 2 of mine are in Germany so I can’t talk to them. They’ll be back this weekend.

Which brings me to the evite. Yeah no more RSVP’s. It’s okay though. Those that count will be there. My family and my closest friends. But then again, that’s all that I invited. I’m happy about it though. This year will be the best.

I’ve had the best talks with Joel while Martha has been gone. My dad is the greatest. He tells silly jokes and always laughs at mine. He’s been going over to a SIL’s house for dinner this week, one of the neighbors also brought him dinner, then he’s going to California this weekend with one of my brothers. I asked him when he planned on spending time with his favorite (also only) daughter. He said “la que sigue, y la que sigue, y la que sigue”. So I get him the rest of the time. He loves my cooking and he loves me making him camarones empanizados (breaded shrimp).

So we should find out next week if ito or ita. Aren’t you excited? I am. Sorry though, I can’t tell you until after Martha comes home.


Bev said...

If Fonz hates to iron like I do, then that's a huge favor he did for you.

When does Martha get back?

Yamell said...

He doesn't hate it but it's not his favorite.

Martha won't be back until mid to end of July. :-(

Bev said...

What?! We don't get to find out until then? Boo.