Friday, September 12, 2008

A typical Saturday Night

Thanks to Bev for helping a sista out. I couldn’t get my video to save to my PC before but I could this time. WOO HOO!

This is Diego beatboxing with Biz Markie on Yo Gabba Gabba in his wife beater and diaper. That’s how we do.

I’ll see if I can get him fully clothed talking more. He sees a camera and immediately says cheese and tries to take the camera away. So we’ll try.

Happy Friday.

Thanks again Bev!


Coco said...

i LOVED it!!
que esten bien...

Bev said...

what a cutie. i like how you order him to dance.

glad you figured out how to post a video. yay!

Yummerson said...

Thanks ladies.

Yeah that's funny that he did dance on command. Normally he would just try and take the camera/phone away from us.