Sunday, March 29, 2009


Diego slept in his big boy bed in his big boy room for the first time Friday night. All by himself. Yay Diego.

In other news the hard working, tall, dark, and handsome man that sleeps in my bed was laid off. That was the reason for the prayers. Nothing life threatening just a little spirit breaking. We weren't sure how it was all going to go so I didn't want to say anything but looks like its for reals. (I said reals intentionally) He's a little sad because he's a man and how is he supposed to provide for his family. Well luckily for us I work too but he makes double what I make so we'll be on the beans and potatoes diet.

Thank you for the prayers. We all need them these days.
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Bev said...

Yay, Diego! So it is possible to move a kid into their own bed after months of sleeping with their parents? This gives me hope.

Sorry about your hubby. I wish my man was a little sad that he can't provide for his family, but no - he would rather spend his free time doing favors for his familia, none of which pay, (not that he's charging them) but come on, my baby needs insurance! Good luck.

Yummerson said...

Yep! It's possible. It may be harder for you than for them. The other night he climbed off the bed went and got his pillow from his bed and came back to our bed. How could I turn him away? I couldn't see through the tears in my eyes.

It's amazing how much pushing men need. They call us nags but man without us leading them they don't know which way to go. Good luck to you both!

So I read your blog and wanted to tell you to try Ebay for clothes. I know it sounds weird or gross but a lot of times they have gently used clothes in bulk for the season. There are a lot on there that are good brands and so in expensive. I did it more for when Diego was smaller and growing at a rapid pace. Try it!