Friday, May 31, 2013

All of my tabs are on overdrive

So many things. All of my tabs are open and on overdrive.  


When I was younger my arms were smaller. I thought they were fat and I’d never wear sleeveless shirts. I’m older and they’re fatter and now I wear sleeveless shirts. Stop it. Don’t look.


When I was pregnant with the L’s someone posted a picture of little babies dressed up as la Chilindrina and el Chavo on Facebook. 

Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Left me wanting to dress them like this since.  L’s will be 1 in 2 short months. I was going to do a Loteria theme birthday. I’ve been wanting to do a Loteria theme something for so long. Also a Dia de los Muertos something. Just hasn’t come to fruition. So then randomly during a bedtime feeding I decide to google “chilindrina costume”. And what pops up… HOLY MOTHER OF MARIA JOSE Y JUAN!


So then of course I start to search for Chavo. Nothing. I go to Etsy and the angels rose and the sun shined through.

Their theme is now Chavo and Chilindrina. Hot dam I’m excited! But they’ll be the same for Halloween.

I thought maybe we could make Diego, Kiko. He wants to be Superman.

Next year.. Diego & Frida.


When Diego was in preschool, his provider was into essential oils. I bought some. I still have them. I hear about them ALL over the place now. I just bought some more. I need help with babies sleeping. And colds. This dam cold has been in my house for the past year. I’m so over it! If it’s not a cold it’s a stomach virus. There’s always something. Anyway, I hope the oils help us. Lavender seems to be a staple in a lot of households.

New member:

We have a new member in our family. More to come.

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