Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm sorry is hard to say

So I haven’t been updating for selfish reasons. Now I think f it.

I’ve learned that the words “I’m sorry” don’t exist in some people’s vocabulary. I can’t control the actions of others, I can only control my own. I’ve learned that just because a person can’t say these two words doesn’t mean that it’s okay. I’m tired of that excuse. I don’t care how orgullosa I am. If I f’d up, I’m sorry. That wasn’t that hard was it?

My birthday is coming up. I’ll be 32 so it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get though. I still want those that I love the most to surround me when I do age. Alfonso is planning my shindig. Cute huh? He says it’s a surprise party. Yet I know when it will be and who he’s invited so far. I’m sure I’ll have to invite the rest considering he’s only invited 4 people (2 couples). Unfortunately, Martha won’t be here. Dang her!

We’ve got to hear the heartbeat again since I last wrote. Exciting stuff.

I'm 18 weeks today. Nope no ultrasound yet.

My friend called me right after my appointment to see how it went. That means the world to me. She didn’t know but it was important to me. It made me feel loved and thought of. I told her. I don’t like for people not to know I appreciate them. I make sure to tell them when they do things to make me so happy.

One of my other friends calls me almost daily to see how I’m feeling and to check up on me. I think that’s so sweet. She’s always volunteering to go to an appointment if Fonz or Martha can’t come with me. It says a lot. It says, let me be involved. I love that!

My nieces and nephew aren’t here. I miss them. They are the sunshine of my life. As much as I want to pull one of their pigtails out at times. I love their tiny faces.

WORK has been Crra-a-z-y folks. A new person was hired and then fired all within 1 month. In her exit interview she spoke about how mean I was. She also told my boss that she didn’t get the training she needed (in 4 weeks she didn’t even know the basics). Before the person she replaced left there were 5 of us in the department. All 5 sat with her at one time or another. With all 5 she used the “no one told me about that”, “no one showed me how to do that”, excuse. I was the only one to call her out on it because quit making excuses just say you don’t remember. Anyway so it hurt my feelings that she said I was mean because I’m so not. I’m just serious about my work and she was obviously not. She had the cough that said “I need another cigarette”. She was just one of those people that blame their faults on someone else. She couldn’t learn her job because I was mean. My boss was like uh whatever you’re still being let go. I didn’t really want to tell that story because it bothers me that she said I’m mean. I don’t care about her thoughts though and I’m not sure why it’s bothering me.

What about Shiloh is so cute? I love those pictures in People.

We got a new new mattress and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I sleep much better but I still ache. I’m not sure though if it’s the fact that I’m with child that makes me sleep uncomfortably now or not.

So that’s it for now because I can’t think of anything else and I’m about to get some food. Yum!

I missed you!


Golightly said...

For me and Shiloh, it's the daddy pic of her and Brad--can it get more adorable than that?!?
And I love the fact that they dressed her in real clothes--punk tee and what looks like baby jeans. And the lips…she's definetely got the lips.
When is your birthday?
And ditto on people not being able to say 'sorry'…what is up with that?

Yamell said...

I agree on all about Shiloh. What about I started looking for that shirt, you know just in case I have a girl or even if they have boy stuff.

My bday is 6/30.

It's always on stupid stuff to. Stuff they get over but leave you thinking about.

Monique said...

Soon after starting my current job I found out that the HR Generalist (who was one of the people I interviewed with ) said I had "no personality" and she didnt want the HR Director to hire me...even though we're cool with each other, It still really bugs me that she said that.

Check out these 2 baby sites, they have some cool/trendy baby clothes!

Lots of love to your little schmoopikins!

Yamell said...

Thank you for the sites Moni! Cute stuff!

People always judge me before they get to know me. It's my mean face.

Lots of love to you too baby!

Bev said...

Dammit, Yamell - I'm sorry. Are you happy now? No wonder she said you were mean.

(I kid.)

Yamell said...

It's about time Bev. Was that so hard? Jeez.