Monday, August 28, 2006

Mondays suck

If Fonz was rich, today would be the day I walk off the job. Remember this post about my worst fear. I think I told you it was confirmed. Some days are better than others. I argue with her over things I think are ridiculous. Micro-managing is her specialty. She thinks our old boss did this but she does it. She says she doesn't like to babysit but does it more than any boss I've ever had. The best boss I ever had was a a male. Three bosses before this one was another favorite. She let me do what I wanted and run with my ideas. If I didn't like it, I'd tell her. She wouldn't get defensive, she'd listen. She'd listen and then she'd explain to me why things couldn't be that way or have me explain to her the pros and cons. It wasn't a defensive no every time I didn't agree with her plan. Her plans made sense more often than not. This chick has no idea what she's doing. I'm not saying I know it all but I am saying that I have a little common sense and see the big picture rather than only what's in front of me. She's gone more often than she is here. Not on business but sick. She was on vacation for a week, then called in for 2 days. She called in again today. If it's not her then it's someone in her family. I'm just so tired. I pick up her slack along with everyone else's because she's just too "busy" to notice and when she does pick up their slack she causes more problems. Today I've been brought to tears once again out of frustration. Frustration that I can't say "FUCK YOU" and walk out.

Weekend was good but I'll fill you in on that later.


ode2eba said...

yeah I dislike Mondays the way nice blog you have here, keep up the good work!

Coco said...

Just stopping by to see how you're doing...

I agree, having "bosses" or collegues like that make your work "su--", they make you feel like wanting to QUIT! But hey, it's not you, it's them who have "issues"!

Que tu y tu familia esten bien : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.



CiscoKid said...

Hang in there--You'll know when its time to go.

Monique said...

How's the Mommy??? Hugs* and Besitos*